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Agri Choice Real Estate Appraisals Inc. is an established company specialized in the appraisal of rural agricultural real estate.  Agri Choice has been in business since April of 2003.  Agricultural land and rural property are unique. It takes a special understanding, insight and appreciation for agriculture and rural landscapes and assets in order to assess their value and capture as much of that value as possible.

At Agri Choice Appraisals we are highly specialized and we only deal with agricultural and rural properties.

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  • All major lending institutions with reports being prepared for lending and mortgage purposes.

  • Provincial and Federal Government for acquisition and sale of real estate as well as litigation work

  • Ontario Hydro for Expropriations and partial Takings

  • Various legal and accounting firms to assist in the settlement of matrimonial disputes, damage estimations, estate settlements, insurance disputes and property valuations for taxation and corporate restructuring purposes.




Appraisals have been completed on virtually all types of rural and agricultural property including but not limited to:

  • Poultry, dairy and tobacco operations, all of which require special knowledge and understanding of different marketing boards and quota systems

  • Specialized fruit and vegetable operations and commercial flower and vegetable greenhouse operations

  • General livestock, beef, hog and horse farms

  • Cash crop farms, grain storage and elevation systems

  • Lifestyle and hobby farms.

Our large database of historic sales information allows me to do Current Market Valuations as well as Retrospective Valuations & V-Day Valuations


  • Highest and Best Use Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Value Projections and Value Changes

  • Financial Analysis

  • Debt Restructuring proposals

  • Appraisal Review of existing reports 

My expertise in specialized intensive agriculture allows me to give expert opinion on the contributory value and depreciated value of various real property components which can be necessary when setting up or changing property ownership, corporate share structure, or partnerships.


Agri choice Real Estate Appraisals Inc was formerly operated by Ron Phillips under Phillips and Associates. The business was succeeded in 2003 but a complete history of any all previous work completed by Phillips and associates is still available upon request.  In addition, a sales database going back to 1970 is still used today  and continues to be updated to be able to provide our client with both current and retrospective appraisals. 



Marleen van Ham, M.Sc, ARA

Marleen van Ham is an accredited real estate appraiser based in Southwest Ontario, she is the principal appraiser and owner of Agri Choice Real Estate Appraisals Inc.  Marleen lives on a large broiler chicken farm with her husband. This practical experience has given her some insights into the industry not shared by many. Marleen holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Guelph. 


Marleen completed her appraisal education through the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA). She holds the ARA – Acredited Rural Appraiser designation. She chose this designation over the AACI designation because she always knew she wanted to specialize in only agricultural properties.



Marleen van Ham, M.Sc, ARA

Phone: (519) 688-8899

Agri Choice Real Estate Appraisals Inc.

223184 Ostrander Road,

Tillsonburg, Ontario, N4G 4H1



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